Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks (PBG) Self-Certification Course

45 Hours - Become a QuickBooks Specialist (QS)

Do you want to gain a competitive advantage while streamlining your workflow?

Master QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, the most popular accounting software programs used by small businesses! 

When you gain QuickBooks expertise, you jump onto the same platform as the majority of your current and prospective clients, enabling you to be the first point of contact when they need QuickBooks help, setup and consultation services.  

Once you learn all of QuickBook’s features and shortcuts, you'll work more efficiently which will open your schedule for even more billable hours!

UA’s QuickBooks Training Program

Learn QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online more quickly and better than ever before with the Quickbooks Training Program from Universal Accounting®.  The Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks is designed to not only make you proficient in using the software progreams but as a business in a daily setting, master both of the software programs.

This hands-on training process is the most complete ever created in the market anywhere, hands down.  We know; we've searched.  For accountants and business owners alike, there is no training more involved, none more extensive and none more simple to follow than Universal Accounting's QuickBooks Training.  Once you complete the program, you can earn the QuickBooks Specialist (QS) designation with a passing score of 90% or higher on the final exam!  Not only does our training enhance your skill-set, but it sets you apart from your current employer or clients.

This self-paced, online program includes video-based training accompanied by interactive and instructional content.  But that’s not all!  It also includes the following:

  • Thorough and complete training on the latest and greatest version of QuickBooks Pro
  • Thorough and complete training on QuickBooks Online
  • An accounting 101 Review
  • 45 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in most states
  • A valuable addition to your reference library

You also get 12 months of expert support coaching to help you complete the course and implement your training with your clients.

The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks will help you gain the QuickBooks expertise you need in order to grow your business or advance your accounting career.

Other professionals, like yourself,  have found great success upon completing the QuickBooks Specialist training.

Lisa B. enrolled in Universal Accounting’s QuickBooks training when the recession first hit. It was the first of two training programs that helped launch her accounting practice. 

Shilly R. began her training with the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks and, over a year later, secured a promotion with her employee that came with a $20,000 raise!

Scott C. already had his own practice when he completed the Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks and found that it benefited his business.  He explains, “My current clients have recognized the changes and appreciate them greatly.” 

We could go on, but we don’t want to make you wait any longer to change the course of your professional future!

QuickBooks Specialist™ (QS)

The QuickBooks Specialist™ designation is the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks which is designed to teach anyone how to use QuickBooks (Desktop & Online) with confidence. Whether or not you consider yourself a bookkeeping professional, this course is designed for you. 

Over 80% of small businesses use Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software. Mastering QuickBooks can help you enhance your standing with a current employer, or enhance your practice by adding setup, consultation, and help services to your menu. 

Enroll and become a certified QuickBooks Specialist (QS)!

Course Description

The training includes:

How QuickBooks Works in Your World – Master QuickBooks software from A-Z

  • Customers & Sales – The Sales Cycle
  • Vendors and Bills: The Buying Cycle
  • Mastering Advanced QuickBooks Topics

Job Placement Assistance: In this economy, job placement services could be just what you need to help you secure a lucrative position in this competitive market.  

In this course, you’ll receive the training and help to:

With this training, you receive instructions related to:

  • Creating a compelling resume, cover letter, as well as completing onsite applications
  • Daily proven activities to find employment opportunities
  • Interviewing strategies, tips, and tricks
  • Post-interview suggestions

Along with the course, you also receive related coaching and support including reviewing the cover letter, resume, and role-playing interviews.

Your Enrollment Also Includes:

Assigned Coaches and Mentors

An Orientation Counselor to help you get set up and through the training

An Academic Coach (tutor) to learn the material and help with related real-world questions

Ken Bostrom

Adam Syvock, Universal Accounting School

Adam Syvock


Convenient At-Home Learning

This QuickBooks Specialist™ Program is delivered through easy-to-follow instructional videos and workbooks (instruction and reference materials). You have the flexibility to complete the courses on your own time, in a way that fits your life. Even though you may be training from the comfort of home, you are far from on your own. You’ll have access to the support of knowledgeable accounting and Quickbooks professionals throughout your course and beyond.

  • 549 QBD Video Lessons 
  • 236 QBO Video Lessons
  • Clock Hours: 40+
  • Designed to be done in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Manuals with exclusive bonus content
  • Online access, anywhere, anytime
  • The opportunity to certify your skills
  • Related Coaching & Support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 


SESSION 1: How QuickBooks Works

SESSION 2: Accounting 101

SESSION 3: QuickBooks Accounting 101

SESSION 4: Mastering Navigation Basics

SESSION 5: Getting Help and Finding and Correcting Mistakes

SESSION 6: Setting Up a New Company

SESSION 7: Modifying and Setting Preferences

SESSION 8: Introduction to Reporting