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2019 Professional Tax Preparer Program

  • Professional Tax Preparer Program. Get trained and certified as a Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) with a proficiency to prepare and process individual and business returns. Start and grow your own successful tax preparation service.

Professional Tax Preparer On-line Self-Certification Course
67 hours

Get trained and certified as a Professional Tax Preparer for individuals and small businesses.  Earn $100-$200 per hour preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses. Learn how to do tax planning for your clients as well.  Learn how to start and grow your own tax preparation business and get and retain clients from year to year.  Earn the Professional Tax Preparer™ Certification (PTP).

Training Included:

Establishing the Tax Foundation -- Course Module 1
Learn the entire process for determining income and adjustments to income, which will factor into the Adjusted Gross Income. In fact, you will cover all the information necessary to prepare Page one of the Form 1040. -- 10 Videos & Manual (online)

Becoming the 1040 Expert -- Course Module 2
The module deals with the background information and forms that go into Form 1040, Page 2. We also discuss all the adjustments that can be made to adjusted gross income, including credits that are allowed and different types of deductions and exemptions that can be taken against that adjusted gross income number. -- 9 Videos & Manual (online)

Profitable Business Returns -- Course Module 3
In Module 3, we introduce you to the world of business organizations and their tax concerns. This module is a practical companion to Module 2, as it gives you experience in completing each of the schedules and forms common to business organizations. -- 8 Videos & Manual (online)

Building Your Successful Tax Practice -- Course Module 4
This module has been developed to give you a head start in creating and running your own tax preparation service. You will find yourself light years ahead of the competition as you put these strategies into play. Specific marketing strategies to assure explosive growth. -- 5 Videos & Manual (online)

Professional Tax Certification Exam
Get Certified as a Professional Tax Preparer™ Certificate of completion (final grade greater than 70%)
Professional Tax Preparer™ designation (with 90% or better grade)

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What our students have to say about the Professional Tax Preparer™ program:

I am working toward earning my Enrolled Agent designation. The process to earn this designation is not easy, but the knowledge I gained from taking the Universal Accounting Professional Tax Preparer course has made it ‘attainable’ for me. I am so excited! I am also now a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. The Universal Accounting QuickBooks Specialist course was extremely helpful in preparing me for all of that! Thank you,
Brenda W.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and presentation from Allen. I've never taken a distance learning course before and was a little apprehensive. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to the QuickBooks training that I've signed up for as well.
Walter J.

I LOVE this course! I always said I hated taxes and I never wanted to do taxes. But I think it was just because I didn't know much about them. The videos are great. Some I have watched more than once and I really do get soooooo much great information from them! I am looking forward spending many years in continuing tax preparation. My goal is to be one of the BEST!
Mary G.

Earn CPE Credit by Taking the PTP Program

  • Module I - Establishing the Tax Foundation = 24 credit hours
  • Module II - Becoming the 1040 Expert = 18 credit hours
  • Module III - Profitable Business Returns = 20 credit hours
  • Module IV - Building Your Successful Tax Practice = 5 credit hours
  • TOTAL = 67 hours

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  1. PTP 2019 Mod 1: Establishing The Tax Foundation

    11 Videos
  2. PTP 2019 Mod 2: Becoming The 1040 Expert

    9 Videos
  3. PTP 2019 Mod 3: Profitable Business Returns

    9 Videos
  4. PTP 2019 Mod 4: Building Your Successful Tax Practice

    5 Videos
  5. PTP 2020 Tax Update

    1 Download
  6. Course Samples

    5 Videos
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Customer Reviews

  • 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

    Excellent alternative to the EA exam

    5 Stars

    It´s an excellent alternative to taking the EA exam as it allows you to focus on your practice area. If you only do private clients, you can enroll in this part of the course only. However, you will have to complete the entire program to get the credential. In my opinion, the program is more accessible than any EA preparation course. The material is comprehensive and up to date. Pricing is absolutely fair!

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