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Profit First Professional Certification Program

  • Help business owners put Profit First in their business applying the principles taught by Mike Michalowicz as you learn and become a certified Profit First Professional

Working with Business Clients

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to find for the client the profits they deserve to have running their business.  In the process we will train you how to market your services to get clients, what to do with your clients to achieve the desired results and get paid what you are worth.

Get Certified, Profit First Professionalâ„¢ Course, Universal Accounting School

Become a Profit First Professional (PFP) certification program

- Self-paced online consultative services training for accounting professionals with an emphasis on profit focused services

The training includes:

  • Attend at Profit First Launch: it is required that you attend this 2-day event to best understand and integrate Profit First within your company and then with your clients.  Upon enrollment you will pick the event you'll be attending. (your personal travel arrangements & accommodations are separate) Prior to your arrival you will work with your personal coach and mentor to prepare for the training.
    • Date:
      • March 2nd & 3rd in Corona, California
        • Conference Center at Supply Patriot • 179 N Maple St. • Corona, California 92880
      • June 1st & 2nd in New Jersey at Profit First Central (the main office)
  • Online access to Profit University® – This is online educational and communication platform. Profit U gives PFPs access to specialized marketing, branding and revenue generation training; resources and links; and a knowledge base of Profit First strategies. 
  • Profit First Professional CORE training and guidance to integrate the simple yet powerful Profit First methodology into your existing service offerings to make you stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Profit First Certification & Membership: After attending the Profit First Launch you will then ready to move forward as a Profit First Member.  The program is designed to take six months to complete and is calculated to require approximately 12- 15 hours a month to accomplish.  Although the system is typically completed in six months, the training can be completed within two to three months. (Profit First Professional is membership organization associated with a very strong brand that is sustained with monthly payments to Profit First Professional directly)
    • Unlimited Profit First support every step of the way to attract and work with high quality clients who are eager to implement the proven Profit First system
    • Done-for-you templates and marketing materials
    • Includes the opportunity to become certified as a Profit First Professional and use the (PFP) designation upon qualification. As such you’ll be allowed to use a Distinctive Profit First certification logo on your website.
  • Online community of collaborative professionals who support each other’s success while championing entrepreneurial financial health from the inside out.  This Facebook Forum is a private, members-only page, on Facebook.
  • ALSO, join us out the next ProfitCon – the conference for everyone eager to be on the cutting edge of the accounting profession.

What is Profit First Professionals (PFP)?

  • An exclusive hand-picked community of accounting and business professionals who are using the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses using a consultative approach

What are the Key Benefits?

  • Easily attract higher quality clients who are searching for quality professionals to provide premium level business services
  • Finally switch from a time-for-money pricing structure to highly profitable value-based packages so you can stop working harder (and love what you do even more)!
  • Get nuts-and-bolts specifics on how to focus on high-value business services (and less on typical tax compliance and bookkeeping only)
  • Gain more confidence and skills knowing that you’re on the leading edge of a major shift in our industry where you can reach your financial goals (and beyond), and help your clients thrive in the process

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