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Marketing Made Easy


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The Universal Practice Builder™
Marketing Made Easy Course

10 hours

Taken from our comprehensive Universal Practice Builder Course, this course gives you the fundamental marketing strategies, tactics and tools to make your marketing fun, effective, and so much easier.  Focusing on low cost and no cost proven marketing strategies, you can multiply and accellerate your marketing success as you learn how to have natural conversations that will attract, convert and retain better paying clients. 

Course Contents:

  • Learn about basic personality types using the Colors system - strengths and weaknesses of each and how to deal with them, including your own color.  Learn how to work well with any personality type and present the benefits of your services more effectively depending on the priorities of each personality type.
  • Develop and implement your own detailed marketing plan.  Learn how to set your goals and break them down into a 1 year and 3 year marketing plan. 
  • Learn the basics of persuasive presentations including how to put together an effective 30 and 60 second commercial to attract clients, what to say to set appointments, and how to convert presentations into clients. 
  • Learn how to price your services and present your value to maximize your profitability and keep your clients happy . 
  • Learn 12 marketing strategies that you can use depending on your own strengths and weaknesses that build naturally on your current circle of influence to build steadily outward from there. 
  • Includes dozens of sample letters, emails, and other marketing materials for you to adapt to your own accounting/bookkeeping and tax service.
  • Learn how to overcome resistance and address the inertia, fear and concerns of your potential clients. 

Also included is 1 month of unlimited marketing support



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