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Strategic Selling

  • At the end of this self-study "sales" course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the "type" of business owner you are presenting to.
  • Knowing the "type" of business owner and their thought process to purchasing properly adapt your presentation and offer to meet their needs.
  • Create a "sales funnel" you can use to nurture your leads following the "Cut to the Chase" process.
  • Confidently overcome their objections.
  • Create a "story" that you can weave into your sales process.
  • Move from order taker to Master Closer
  • Close more business by using the A-B-C closing technique.
  • Yes, close more engagements
  • And of course, have fun finding more clients!

Recently I had a friend share with me something I thought was profound, "You are only as good as your marketing and sales".  In other words, regardless how good you are as an accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer - if you don't have clients what does it matter. 

Well, "Strategic Selling" is just that - the process you you can follow to effectively get the clients you need.

We wanted to create this special offer that would help you confidently follow a proven sales funnel to competently close the leads you have...
Clients are the LIFELINE of your business.
If you don’t have clients flowing into your practice on a regular basis, you don’t have a solid, dependable business. That’s why it’s so critical to have a clear, effective system in place when it comes to selling the leads you have. Most Accountants Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers lack a proven sales process to work the leads they have, leaving your business to chance. 
Instead, they come up with their own “scattered” sales funnel, without knowing entirely what they’re doing:
Contacting this lead…Hoping they'll understand the services offered... (everyone knows "they need an accountant" is what your thinking)... A couple of random attempts to "sell" them… The result? Random sales when you need a proven process!
BUT - As soon as you understand how to TURN ON your sales funnel, and send your audience through your "front door"… ...You Have The Ability To Make As Much Money As You Want.

This comprehensive 53 Session system is the KEY to selling the right clients, day in and day out, like clockwork

Let Me Show You ALL The Training You'll Get Access To When You Get "Strategic Selling"  Today!

Session 1 - Introduction - Your Sales Expert 
Session 2 - Selling Effectively with Confidence
Session 3 - The Science to Selling
Session 4 - More Yes'
Session 5 - It's a People Business
Session 6 - First Impressions
Session 7 - Your Closing Rate
Session 8 - The Decision to Buy
Session 9 - Personality Assessments
Session 10 - Types of Business Owners
Session 11 - Connecting with the Business Owner
Session 12 - Don't Loose the Sale
Session 13 - Selling to Yourself
Session 14 - Making it Easy
Session 15 - Client LTV
Session 16 - Becoming a Sales Person
Session 17 - Blueprint Type & Example
Session 18 - Action Types
Session 19 - The Distinction
Session 20 - Focusing on the Action Types
Session 21 - Nurture Types
Session 22 - Knowledge Types
Session 23 - Closing the Deal
Session 24 - Tailoring the Offer
Session 25 - Helping them Make the Decision
Session 26 - Again, this is a people business
Session 27 - The Skills to Sell Effectively
Session 28 - Listen
Session 29 - Open Ended Questions
Session 30 - Urgency
Session 31 - Being the Expert
Session 32 - Collaborating
Session 33 - Cut to the Chase
Session 34 - Keeping it Fun
Session 35 - APE
Session 36 - PAIN
Session 37 - PAIN'T
Session 38 - Their Painting
Session 39 - The Solution
Session 40 - Creating Urgency
Session 41 - Next Steps
Session 42 - Overcoming Objections
Session 43 - Types of a Salesperson
Session 44 - Sales Styles
Session 45 - Blueprint Tips
Session 46 - Action Tips
Session 47 - Nurture Tips
Session 48 - Knowledge Tips
Session 49 - 24 Types
Session 50 - Applying it All
Session 51 - Telling a Story
Session 52 - Six Steps to Build Your Profitable Firm





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