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y - (I, A) Professional Bookkeeping Training & Certifications

  • $USD enrollment fees in INR are 25,700.00 approximately (but will vary depending on the conversion rate)
  • Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Online Certification Program
  • Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks (QS) Online Certification Program

Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Online Certification Program -  This course teaches you the double entry accounting system that has been the backbone of business for the last 500 years!  Learn how to take a client from the "shoe-box" to financial statements following the 8 steps double entry accounting.

  1. Accounting Made Easy: Fundamental principles of accounting for small business
  2. Practical Small Business Application: Learn the day-to-day procedures used by businesses each month to record and tabulate their financial events
  3. Advanced Accounting: Train in the more sophisticated issues associated with creating a set of books from scratch, auditing the results internally, and closing out the books at the end of the year

Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks (QS) Online Certification Program - This program designed to provide practical and efficient methods of using QuickBooks. (Desktop, QBD & Online, QBO)

  1. How QuickBooks Works in Your World
  2. Customers & Sales – The Sales Cycle
  3. Vendors and Bills: The Buying Cycle.
  4. Mastering Advanced QuickBooks Topics

12 Months of access to online portal

Final Exams to achieve the certificate of completion (passing with 70% or higher) as Professional Bookkeeper (PB), and QuickBooks Specialist (QS). To achieve the corresponding designations a final grade must be 90% or higher.


  1. PB Mod 1: Accounting Made Easy

    11 Videos
  2. PB Mod 2: Practical Small Business Application

    6 Videos
  3. PB Mod 3: Advancing Your "Account-Ability"

    9 Videos
  4. QBD 2020 Mod 1: How QuickBooks Desktop Works in Your World

    86 Videos
  5. QBD 2020 Mod 2: Customers and Sales: The Sales Cycle in Desktop

    78 Videos
  6. QBD 2020 Mod 3: Vendors and Bills: The Buying Cycle in Desktop

    88 Videos
  7. QBD 2020 Mod 4: Mastering Advanced QuickBooks Desktop Topics

    102 Videos
  8. QBD 2020 Mod 5: QuickBooks Desktop Accountant's Version Features

    19 Videos
  9. QBO Module 1 How QuickBooks Online Works in Your World

    82 Videos
    1 Download
  10. QBO Module 2: Customers and Sales: The Sales Cycle in Online

    55 Videos
  11. QuickBooks Desktop Files

    4 Videos
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