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Knecht, Roger

Products by Knecht, Roger

  • Time Management Tools

    Time Management Tools

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  • Selling with Confidence

    Selling with Confidence

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  • STAR Program

    STAR Program

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    Online Course
    • Set Standards for Performance
    • Trust people to make good decisions for their jobs
    • Acknowledge their accomplishments and contributions
    • Reward them for excellent performance
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  • Strategic Selling

    Strategic Selling

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    Online Course
    • At the end of this self-study "sales" course, you will be able to:
    • Identify the "type" of business owner you are presenting to.
    • Knowing the "type" of business owner and their thought process to purchasing properly adapt your presentation and offer to meet their needs.
    • Create a "sales funnel" you can use to nurture your leads following the "Cut to the Chase" process.
    • Confidently overcome their objections.
    • Create a "story" that you can weave into your sales process.
    • Move from order taker to Master Closer
    • Close more business by using the A-B-C closing technique.
    • Yes, close more engagements
    • And of course, have fun finding more clients!
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  • Four Keys to Success

    Four Keys to Success

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    Online Course
    • Interaction with Employees
    • Return and Report
    • Understand the WHY
    • Unique Selling Proposition
    • Financial Acumen
    • The 5th Bonus Key
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