Why Dental Bookkeeping Made Easy?

Dental Bookkeeping Made Easy
On-line, Self Study, Video, Audio, Workbooks

 18 hours

For Dentists or Dental Office Personnel who want to increase their precision and skill with accounting for the practice, or accountants or bookeepers specializing in dental office accounting.

A dental practice has the potential to be an extremely lucrative business. However, if office managers and staff, are not trained in effective bookkeeping principles, and many of them aren't, a practice is unable to secure a high margin of profitability. Even though the dentist may not do the bookkeeping, as a business owner, it's imperative that he at least understands the accounting process for his practice.  That's where this course becomes extremely valuable.

With proper bookkeeping and accounting the Dentist can:

  • Keep more money in the bank
  • Build on the practice's strengths
  • Lower their taxes
  • Improve cash flow
  • Identify areas needing improvement before they become problematic
  • Strengthen the overall value of the dental practice

Universal Accounting's Dental Bookkeeping Made Easy course will help the the dentist, as a business owner, understand the process and for the office staff, help acquire the skills necessary to use the accounting system to produce valuable reports that the dentist can use to make better business decisions to increase monthly net income and to build the asset value of the practice.  Not only will you learn generalized accounting skills, but you will also be shown how to apply those skills to dental practices everywhere using practice sets designed especially for a dental office.

Regardless of how much accounting experience you have, completing this course will be rewarding, providing you with new and important information that will enable you to make better decisions as a business owner.

And your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If after completing the course in 30 days, the course did not meet your expectations, simply return all completed materials to Universal Accounting for a complete refund of any monies paid.  

Let's get you started. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Dental Accounting

  • 2

    Business Organizations

    • Dental Session 4 Intro

    • Working Capital

    • Review Session 4

    • Chapter 2 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 3

    Balance Sheet Practice

    • Dental Session 5 Intro

    • Accruals - Depreciation

    • Accruals - Bad Debt Allowance

    • Review Session 5

    • Chapter 3 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 4


    • Dental Session 6 Intro

    • Legal Business Structures

    • Review Session 6

    • Review Questions Session 6

    • Chapter 4 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 5

    Accounting Methods

    • Dental Session 7 Intro

    • Balance Sheet Practice

    • ATTENTION: Instructions to print Supplemental Packet for Chapters 5 and 6

    • Class Problems

    • General Ledger T Accounts

    • T - Accounts

    • Review Session 7

    • Review Questions Session 7

    • Chapter 5 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 6

    Practical Application in the Dental Industry

    • Dental Session 8 Intro

    • Earning Account Sub-accounts

    • T - Account Exercise

    • Gross Profit & Net Profit

    • Review Session 8

    • Review Questions Session 8

    • Chapter 6 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 7

    Establishing a Bookkeeping System

    • Dental Session 9 Intro

    • Introduction to Cash Accounting

    • The Client Organizer

    • Making The Conversion Entry

    • Review Session 9

    • Review Questions Session 9

    • Chapter 7 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 8

    Chapter 10 UNKNOWN TITLE

    • Dental Practice's Accounting Cycle

    • Cash Disbursement - Payroll Entries

    • Do Debits Equal Credits?

    • Final General Journal Entries for the month

    • Final Step: Financial Statement

    • Chapter 8 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 9

    Dental BME

    • Dental Books from Scratch

    • Setting Up The Books

    • Replacing an Accountant

    • Setting Up a New Business

    • Setting Up Existing Company

    • Review Session 11

    • Review Questions Session 11

    • Chapter 9 Workbook for DOWNLOAD

  • 10

    Final Exam for Dental Bookkeeping Made Easy

    • Dental Bookkeeping Practice Exam

    • DBME Final Exam

  • 11


    • Memorize Charts

    • Appendix

    • Index

    • Dental Bookkeeping Made Easy - Complete Workbook for DOWNLOAD