Why Training from Universal Accounting?

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

Success In Your Career


Get Paid What You Are Worth


Start or Build Your Own Profitable Firm


Proven Marketing To Find & Retain Clients


Become The Premier Accounting Service In Your Area


Flexible And Fast 

Online Certification Courses


What a year!  The global pandemic (covid-19/Coronavirus) and accompanying economic crisis have coupled together to create an unprecedented opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.  You can be in a unique position to HELP individuals and businesses with this extended tax season (July 15th for 2020) and soon-to-be-available TAX RELIEF as a skilled tax professional.  You could also assist business owners as they examine their situation, and determine what they need to do to stay in business (considering government assistance and tax relief programs) as a skilled accounting professional and business consultant.


Now is the time to step up as an accounting professional, and act as a Business First Responder.  As business owners struggle to adapt to the “new normal" that is affected by this global pandemic and economic crisis, they need to turn to accounting professionals to get the information they need to make more informed business decisions to keep the company running.


This is your opportunity to make a difference and help the small to mid-sized business community.  As a Profit & Growth Expert (PGE), this is the time to reach out to find new clients, and grow your business as the premier accounting firm in the area.  The clients you find will most likely be with you in the next 10 years, so ACT NOW.  

This is the time to work both IN and ON your business.

With Universal Accounting Center, we're here to help you be in business for yourself, but NOT BY YOURSELF!

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First, which are you trying to accomplish?

1. Start your accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax firm?

2. Build your accounting firm (more clients, training staff, offering more services, improving workflow, etc.)? 

  • Consider what you can do to become a Profit & Growth Expert for your clients.
  • Having the Premier Accounting Firm in your area working as an Accountrepreneur.
  • Offering profitable value-based services

3. Improve your career (new job, promotion, pay increase)?

Let’s design your perfect program.  Just tell us what you want to accomplish and then we’ll help you to

Seize YOUR Moment!


Since 1979, Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) has recognized the need for specialized, hands-on, visual, online small business accounting, bookkeeping & tax training.  We are a Better Business Bureau accredited, online Accounting School. We help thousands of individuals get the skills, experience and credentials that it takes to advance their accounting careers, start and grow their own accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax businesses, as well as expand their existing business offerings to include more value-based services to help them become Profit & Growth Experts




Universal Accounting’s programs are delivered through convenient, online video tutorials. You set the pace and manage training around YOUR schedule. You’ll have access to continual resources and support from experienced accounting professionals – even after you finish and begin working in the field. Most of the programs are designed so that the Training & Certification can be completed in just 3-6 weeks.


Universal Accounting is a unique post-secondary school.  We have different choices in training and tuition options that other schools don’t offer.  We are proud to know that our courses are usually more affordable than other programs, as individuals look for the training and certifications to excel in their careers, or start and build their firms.  Let us customize a program around your needs.  Call UAC today and speak with a representative that will listen to your present situation, your background and goals before recommending one or more of our guaranteed programs.



Know this: If it’s about accounting, it’s Universal.  In fact, Accounting Success IS Universal!

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