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If you're receiving this, it is because you have enrolled in one or more Universal courses or programs. This may have been as simple as signing up for a copy of the e-book, "in the Black" or as complicated as the entire Professional Bookkeeping Program and certification process. 

From this learning portal, you can also look at all of our other Universal Accounting courses and programs, (or enroll in them also) from the Course Catalogue tab located at the top of your Dashboard (Home page). Download your welcome packet. Review it to find all of the relevant details to your enrollment with Universal Accounting Center.



To make the most of your enrollment, we recommend:


First:  establish a reading or study routine (a set daily or weekly schedule) that you can follow consistently.  COMMIT YOURSELF TO YOUR CHOSEN SCHEDULE!  Although the courses and programs are self-study, (independent study) we encourage you to complete them in the time they were designed. 

Whether you decide to study in the morning, night, weekdays or weekends is irrelevant. Consistency will be the key to your success. My suggestion is to set aside consistent 2 or 3-hour blocks that you can use strictly for study time.  You can also make 30-minute time slots work for you – just study!

Second: Reach out to and engage with your assigned coaches. Your Orientation Counselor will be your primary "point of contact" to help you with everything. 

Also, utilize the coaching and support offered with your specific program. Their specific contact information will appear within the portal interface above each program’s instructional videos. Reach out and say "HI" when you are beginning! We are here to support you through this process.


Step One: Call  801-265-3777 and ask for Admissions

BONUS MATERIAL: If you are on Facebook, we have 3 DIFFERENT OPTIONS TO assist you in your success.
Between our official "Universal Accounting School" page and two exclusive groups for our clients and students, you will find TONS of free information and guidance. 

Who doesn't love FREE Education?

In addition to our school's main page, we also offer two exclusive groups: UA Students and another page for ALL professionals in the accounting and tax fields called Accounting & Bookkeeping Tips. 

These 3 distinct FACEBOOK Pages will help you as you work on and complete your programs. You will find links to timely and engaging podcasts, as well as connections to many other professionals in the accounting and tax fields who are willing to give you valuable advice on questions/issues you might have. Read below for details on how you will benefit from following each one:

Sign in to your personal Facebook account and visit these pages:

 Universal Accounting School - Our fan page  – Tips, tricks, and resources to boost your knowledge and support your career goals.  We invite you to take a moment to “Follow us”. 

Helpful trick: LIKE the videos you've already watched so you can make the most of your time online, and easily find where you last left off. Using this trick, you will not miss promotions or bonus educational material!

Universal Accounting Center - Student Group – This is a closed group for UAC students only, where you will find additional resources, training, and support for our students. You can ask questions, provide feedback to others, keep up with new information, and receive exclusive offers! Be sure to also WATCH all videos in the related Learning Guides tab, found at the top of the page. Either go systematically from beginning to end, or surf through and find the ones you find interesting. Every time you finish one of these bonus content videos, LIKE it to act as your personal bookmark!

UAC – Accounting & Bookkeeping Tips – Instant access to the collective knowledge base of your peers and other pros in the fields of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax prep, where you can get answers to complex industry-related issues. All topics for Tax, Accounting, Software, finding clients, etc ... are covered. Professionals helping Professionals! You do not need to be a current student of UAC to join this group. Invite your friends and colleagues! Here, we can benefit from each other's knowledge and advice! 

NOW, Let’s get started.  Here’s a quick TOUR of the student portal. 

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