Course curriculum

  • 1

    OVERVIEW - Relationship Selling: The ART and SCIENCE of Getting Clients - Confidently, Conversationally, Comfortably.

    • WELCOME!

  • 2

    The Fine Art of Relationship Selling - Core Principles

    • Your Business and the Infinite Game of Business Relationships

    • The 5 Dimensions of Relationship Selling

    • Winning Relationship Strategies that Drive New, Repeat, and Referral Revenue

    • Smile, Dial, and Connect Awhile - Winning Telephone Sales Strategies

    • Your Attitude and Your Altitude

  • 3

    ATTRACT! - Getting them to come to you...

    • Be Irresistible! Using the Power of Conditioned Response to Open and Close More Sales

    • How to Build Immediate Rapport! Focus on THEM!

    • Your Introductory Presentation I - Setting Appointments Like Clockwork

    • Your Introductory Presentation II - Setting Appointments Like Clockwork

  • 4

    ENGAGE! How to Engage Your Prospects to Build Need, Pain, Desire and Urgency!

    • Selling the CHANGE - Your Ultimate Value Proposition! Part I

    • Selling the Change - Your Ultimate Value Proposition Part 2

    • Minding Your P's & Q's - Question Sequence to Prepare Their Heart & Mind for Commitment

    • The Power of Pain and Problem to Persuade

  • 5

    CONVERT! How to Convert Your Prospects to Happily Paying Clients - Closing the Deal

    • Power Presentation with Benefit Packages!

    • CONVERT! Overcoming Resistance

    • CONVERT! Lead Them To DECIDE!