Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • The Journey (View from the bottom to the top)

  • 2

    Advanced Coaching

    • Your Coaches

  • 3

    Color Accounting

    • Color Accoounting

    • What is Accounting?

    • Here's what we cover in the Color Accounting course

  • 4

    Professional Bookkeeper Program

    • Professional Bookkeepers

    • Accounting Made Easy

    • Practical Small Business Accounting

    • Advancing Your Account-Ability

    • Building a Successful Accounting Service

    • Here's what The Professional Accouting Program teaches you:

  • 5

    QuickBooks Specialist Program

    • How QuickBooks Online Works

    • Customers and Sales

    • Vendors and Bills

    • Mastering QBO

    • Here is what you wil learn in the QuickBooks Specialist Program

  • 6

    Professional Tax Preparer Program

    • Professional Tax Preparer Program

    • Here's what you will learn in the 4 Modules for the Tax Preparer Course

  • 7

    The Virtual Bookkeeper's Roadmap

    • Roadmap Benefits

  • 8

    Universal Client Magnet

    • Universal CRM Overview

  • 9

    Profit and Growth Expert

    • Profit and Growth Expert

    • Here's what you will learn from the "in the BLACK: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable"

    • Here's your learning content for Red to Black in 30 Days

    • Here is what we teach you in UA's Selling With Confidence

    • Here's what is inside of the Strategic Selling Course

    • Here's what you will learn in The Art and Science of Getting More Clients

    • Here's what you will learn in the Universal Practice Builder

    • Here's what you will learn in the BizBench Benchmarking Course

  • 10

    Universal Business Builder

    • Universal Business Builder

    • Here's what you will learn in the Universal Business Builder