PreCon is a 2-day preconference allowing you an opportunity to spend a couple of days meeting new peers in fun environments. Let your hair down and get to know each other on deeper levels. 

GrowCon is a 2-day LIVE event filled with experts who will teach you how to work ON your business to get stronger results and higher profit.

About the Venue

PreCon 2023 and GrowConn2023 will be held at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

"At Thanksgiving Point, we want you to be curious. What does it mean to be curious? It means asking questions, hypothesizing, testing, trying again (and again, and again, and again). It may even mean failing. But – when you get to the answer, it’s so rewarding."

Thanksgiving Point serves as a place for people to get curious about science and the natural world. In the discovery centers at Thanksgiving Point, you’ll see curious people every day.

Join Us for "EXPEDITION ASCEND" to Learn:

Effective strategies to get the clients you deserve

How to offer quality accounting services and get paid what you're worth

How to increase your efficiency and effectiveness with your clients to retain them longer

And, ultimately how to increase your revenue and your profits!

Do you own your own Accounting Firm?

Are you a Tax Preparer or Bookkeeper that wants to grow your business?

Come hear from experts. See what's working!

Collaborate with peers.

Learn how to GROW your business.

Develop your long-term game plan!

Discover tools that will help set you apart from the rest.

Get re-energized about your business!

Become the premier accounting firm in your area!