Do some people irritate you without even saying a word, but when you get to know them you find out they are actually pretty cool? Do you like some people immediately when you meet them – then later you discover that you really don’t like them at all? Welcome to the world of personalities!

This program is packed with fun, interactive activities that will help you learn skills you will immediately put to use to help navigate your way to better connections with anyone!

Learning to navigate these differences is the key to your success with relationships at all levels: spouse, kids, community and career.

In this highly interactive two hour program, Rob & Mary Hambleton will:

  • Introduce you to the fundamental building blocks of personality styles.
  • Show you the four basic personality styles and how to recognize them.
  • Teach you how to connect from any style to any style with ease.
  • Give you ideas on how to better communicate, work through stress, function in teams and have fun with those around you.

Includes: 5 Adapt and Connect quick reference cards with your direct download

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Colorful Connections

    • 1 Colorful Connections Introduction

    • Colorful Connections Quick Connect Card 10_2017 POSTCARD REVISED

    • Colorful Connections Workbook

    • 2 Colorful Connections -- Personality Type Basics and Self Assessment

    • 3 Colorful Connections -- Colorful Stress

    • 4 Colorful Connections -- Colorful Communication

    • 5 Colorful Connections -- Colorful Team Building

    • 6 Colorful Connections -- Colorful Customer Service

    • 7 Colorful Connections -- Colorful Testimonials