Quickly Benefit from 40 years of FInancial Success and Advice from your instructor, Greg Kesten

Let his insights and tools and strategy help you to ELIMINATE your debt and PROPEL YOU toward Financial Freedom!

For 40 years, financial coach Greg Kesten has helped thousands of couples, families, and individuals become financially free and wealthy through his Financial Freedom Program. Now he’s offering his unique system to everyone who wants to escape debt, build security, and enjoy life to the fullest. This in-depth course is discounted now for the first time and includes all of Greg’s tools and insights from four decades of financial coaching. This program of 20 videos will help you increase your knowledge of how your money works, how to use business deductions, and how to accelerate reducing and eliminating debt. Greg will even teach how to deduct the cost of the course itself, so you can gain all of this knowledge with the confidence of a true money manager. And if that’s not enough, Greg even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! There’s no reason for you to put off becoming financially free any longer. Greg will share an entirely different way of looking at wealth, finances, and freedom. Many coaches focus on the ‘30-thousand-foot’ view. Greg does things a bit differently. His approach is much more ‘on-the-ground,’ where he trains you how to look at your real-world finances and create strategies to get you where you want to be. He’ll train you how to kick the tires, check the gauges, and get your financial engine running smoothly. Money is part of our life process, not an outcome. Financial well-being is achieved when a person’s financial behavior is in alignment with proven principles. Greg has helped clients achieve their financial goals for over 40 years. His purpose is to help you be financially free and live a great life. It’s just that simple. Sign up now!

Hear what Greg's students have to say:

Mary & Mike C. from Michigan

“Thanks, Greg. You have made our financial life functional and our marriage better. We will be able to achieve our dreams.”

Ed & Terri B. from California

“The knowledge and advice you’ve given us is priceless! We always look forward to talking with you. Thanks for sharing in our journey.”

Lloyd T. from New York

“I just wanted to thank you for giving us the benefit of your wonderful program. You went above and beyond the call of duty!”

Sherri & Peter E. from Florida

“You have coached, encouraged, and accompanied Peter and I on quite a journey so far. We are so thankful for your guidance and friendship.”

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Financial Freedom

    • Welcome to the course

    • Session 1: Getting Started

    • 1. Getting Started quiz

    • Session 2: Finding What Works

    • 2. Finding What Works quiz

    • Session 3: Money Beliefs

    • 3. Money Beliefs quiz

    • Session 4: Financial Security

    • 4. Financial Security quiz

    • Session 5: Rich & Wealthy

    • 5. Rich & Wealthy quiz

    • Session 6: Starting Now

    • 6. Starting Now quiz

    • Session 7: Your Financial Plan

    • 7. Your Financial Plan quiz

    • Session 8: Cash Flow is King

    • 8. Cash Flow is King quiz

    • Session 9: Peace of Mind Number

    • 9. Peace of Mind Number quiz

    • Session 10: Invested Assets

    • 10. Invested Assets quiz

    • Session 11: Use Assets

    • 11. Your Use Assets quiz

    • Session 12: Liabilities

    • 12. Liabilities quiz

    • Session 13: Current Net Worth

    • 13. Current Net Worth quiz

    • Session 14: Continued Planning

    • 14. Continued Planning quiz

    • Session 15: Financial Objectives

    • 15. Financial Objectives quiz

    • Session 16: Taxes

    • 16. Taxes quiz

    • Session 17: Board of Advisors

    • 17. Board of Advisors quiz

    • Session 18: Family Profile

    • 18. Family Profile quiz

    • Session 19: Cash Flow Management

    • 19. Cash Flow Management quiz

    • Session 20: Final Overview

  • 2

    Financial Freedom e-book

    • E-Book

  • 3

    Financial Freedom Final Exam

    • Financial Freedom Final Exam