Arm yourself with easy to understand financial information and increase your business success by 40%.

And…it doesn’t stop there. Financial fluency is one of the number one reasons that business professionals thrive, by being able to communicate effectively in the inner circles of all types of companies.

In this program you will:

  • Learn basic accounting concepts.
  • Understand important financial, income, and cash flow statements and balance sheets.
  • Discover how to perform critical financial analysis.
  • Learn the importance of and processes for monthly performance review and annual forecasting.
  • Be intimidated no longer; learn to thrive in the financial aspects of running your business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Financially Speaking

    • Financially Speaking Workbook

    • 1 Financial Foundations -- 3 Equations 3 Formulas COMPLETE

    • 2 Financial Foundations -- Key Principles COMPLETE

    • 3 Financial Foundations -- Debits and Credits COMPLETE

    • 4 Cost Behavior -- Direct Indirect Fixed Variable COMPLETE

    • 5 Cost Behavior -- Breakeven Analysis COMPLETE

    • 6 Cost Behavior -- Depreciation COMPLETE

    • 7 Financial Roadmap - Income Statement and Balance Sheet COMPLETE

    • 8 Financial Roadmap -- Cash Flow Statement COMPLETE

    • 9 Financial Roadmap -- Variance and Ratio Analysis COMPLETE

    • 10 Using the Numbers to Run Your Business COMPLETE