The "in the BLACK" Course

Take the time to apply these proven principles within your accounting, bookkeeping, and/or tax firm to build the business that is growing and working more efficiently.  With your instructor, Roger Knecht - president of Universal Accounting Center, you'll get the insights you need to work ON your business to find and retain new clients, increase your revenue per client, as well as understand the importance of workflow using standard operating procedures to insure profitability.

Learn how the 9 secret principles will help you have the premier accounting firm.  This is the secret behind your successful accounting service.  It is here you will discover what you need to know about running the premier accounting firm ... allowing you to also get paid what you are worth.  

Based upon the book "in the BLACK - Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable" By Allen Bostrom, CPA

"I came across Universal Accounting Center and the book “In The Black” about 9 years ago when I was starting my own accounting business.  I had graduated with an accounting bachelor’s degree the year prior and was excited to get started.  I wanted to build a company that offered really good accounting and consulting services so that I could feel good about the quality of work I was providing my clientele as well as to earn a comfortable living doing it.  Universal Accounting and In The Black offered me great knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on my own.  I still refer back to In The Black now 9 years later and use the principles outlined to help clients focus on the things that will really help their business.  In The Black is a great foundation for consultations, and I have found it to be a very valuable resource in my practice.  I highly recommend Universal Accounting to anyone looking to go out on their own, or to improve what they already have in place.” – Chris Webb, Certus Accounting Solutions, LLC. CEO

Every chapter is filled with principles and concepts that you can use immediately to become more profitable in your business and to enhance your expertise — and wisdom — in business decision-making.

Gain  Business Wisdom

In the Black introduces the concept of the Wisdom Pyramid. It is a way of modeling the assimilation of data into meaningful and predictive business decisions.

You will learn how accounting is the primary source of data and how to use this data to work your way up the Wisdom Pyramid using reports and statistical analysis of your business data.


In the Black introduces a model for increased profitability, the Universal Business Model.

Under the Universal Business Model (UBM), communication between the three basic functions of all business increase profitability.

In the Black explains how each department must communicate with every other department, and how it directly affects profitability.

Be More Profitable

As you learn to increase communication across the business functions of marketing, production, and accounting, you become more profitable as a natural consequence.

When production knows from the marketing function what products and services that customers want, they know what to produce to make the company more profitable. Likewise, if the accounting function of the company informs marketing that costs have risen for a particular product, marketing now knows to raise the price of the product to maintain profitability.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    IN THE BLACK: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable

    • Why Use "in the BLACK"?

    • In the BLACK for Accounting Professionals

    • In the BLACK - Contents

    • Beginning with the End in Mind - Business Plan

    • Acknowledgments and Forward

    • Session 1: Accounting, the Language of Business

    • Chapter One: Your Business Dream Can Become a Reality!

    • Session 2a: The Universal Business Model

    • Chapter Two: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable

    • Session 2b: The Wisdom Pyramid

    • Session 3: You Get Paid for Your Marketing

    • Chapter Three: Marketing

    • Session 4: Production

    • Chapter Four: Production

    • Session 5: Accounting

    • Chapter Five - Accounting - In The Black, Profit is the Answer!

    • Session 6: Wrap-Up

    • Chapter Six - Putting It All Together

    • Prologue

    • Using In the BLACK with your clients: Patricia with TAP Bookkeeping

  • 2

    In the BLACK Exam

    • In the BLACK Exam

  • 3

    IN THE BLACK: AudIo Book - Read by Allen Bostrom, CPA

    • Chapter 1: Your Business Dream Can Become a Reality

    • Chapter 2: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable

    • Chapter 3: Marketing

    • Chapter 4: Production

    • Chapter 5: Accounting

    • Chapter 6: Putting it All Together