Is your business "in the BLACK"?

“I came across Universal Accounting Center and the book “In The Black” about 9 years ago when I was starting my own accounting business.  I had graduated with an accounting bachelor’s degree the year prior and was excited to get started.  I wanted to build a company that offered really good accounting and consulting services so that I could feel good about the quality of work I was providing my clientele as well as to earn a comfortable living doing it.  Universal Accounting and In The Black offered me great knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on my own.  I still refer back to In The Black now 9 years later and use the principles outlined to help clients focus on the things that will really help their business.  In The Black is a great foundation for consultations, and I have found it to be a very valuable resource in my practice.  I highly recommend Universal Accounting to anyone looking to go out on their own, or to improve what they already have in place.” – Chris Webb, Certus Accounting Solutions, LLC. CEO

Simple, straight-forward principles to help businesses be more Profitable! This book introduces the Universal Business Model -- a breakthrough technology in business management. In the Black is written for business owners, operators and managers. No matter what your position in your business, no matter what your product or service, and irrespective of your talent, skill, or experience, the principles presented in this book can make your business more profitable! Every chapter is filled with principles and concepts that you can use immediately to become more profitable in your business and to enhance your expertise and wisdom in business decision-making.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Know how to make the three major functions of business - Marketing, Accounting and Production - work together more effectively.
  • Understand a process of gaining knowledge - even wisdom - to help you make better business decisions. 
  • Know how to become a Profit Expert within your business. 
  • Improve your understanding of the financial position of your business.
  • Understand more clearly plans to implement these Nine Principles immediately in your business.

"Every small business owner should have one." -- Jim Lord, February 1, 2005
"It's well written with simple, hands-on, practical steps that can be applied right away." -- Dave Lindsey, Avalanche Studios, February 1, 2005

How Was This Book Created?

The Alf Bostrom Story

I want to tell you the partial story of one of the founding fathers of Universal Accounting and his great ability to flip a flailing business to a profitable one: 

Alf Bostrom, has been nicknamed “The Turnaround King” based upon his ability to turn struggling businesses into profitable ones in a very short amount of time. 

Alf lived an extraordinary life. He fought during WW2 (he was in Japan when they surrendered). Then he worked for several small businesses. 

And then he began to manage those businesses, stepping in when they were in trouble. He then earned the reputation and nickname for swiftly turning them around so that they were profitable. 

There are many secrets to what he learned and how he did it. But my favorite is this: 

Passion. He loved it and lived it. 

Few people know that he grew up in the tail end of the great depression. Surrounded by poverty and destitute helplessness, Alf remained resourceful. He saw opportunity and ran towards it. 

An example of true resourcefulness:

He went to golf courses and waded into the waters of ponds and lakes near the greens. 

He plunged his hands into the murk and dredged up lost golf balls from the mud and silt. Then he took them home and washed them carefully. 

He sold them to weekend golfers, who were delighted to get decent golf balls at a good price. That’s the secret of the Turnaround King. 

He was passionate and resourceful and determined under the bleakest of circumstances. He loved opportunity. 

Alf Bostrom, “The Turnaround King”, managed 22 businesses in his career as a business whisperer. At one time, he was successfully managing 8 at the same time. 

His son, Allen Bostrom, the author of "in the Black",  grew up watching and learning how he did it. But Allen didn’t write "in the Black"  just to tell you what his father did. 

No. Allen took Dad's methodology, and improved upon it.

Allen had his own distinguished, long and successful career as an accountant and business owner. He knew the treasured wisdom found in his father's great business acumen.

It is only then, after two generations of business mastery, that "in the Black" was written, so that other people could glean from the Bostrom family’s remarkable successes and secrets and use their treasured wisdom to increase and improve any business using the knowledge of The Turnaround King.

These successful methods and wisdom can be yours, in this engaging and easy to read paperback book.