Client Experience 2.0™

If you’re like most firms, you spend a lot of time waiting for clients to send you documents. You probably also waste countless hours searching for things across multiple different platforms. Stop chasing clients for documents and give them an easy, secure, mobile file sharing app they’ll love. Client Experience 2.0™ begins with Liscio. And the best part is that accountants and bookkeepers can move a lot faster with Liscio.

Liscio is 19 times faster
than email
& 100% spam free.

With Liscio, clients answer quickly. Their median response time is 6 minutes.*

Liscio delights clients and staff

Liscio is a modern, secure, mobile solution for firms to communicate with clients and exchange sensitive information, eSignatures, and documents on the go. 

Clients love it and firms move faster.

Liscio can help your firm benefit from Client Experience 2.0™

What will I learn?

  • 1

    Liscio Certification Exam Part 1

    • Section 1 - Client Experience 2.0 Principles

  • 2

    Liscio Certification Exam Part 2

    • Section 2 - Client Experience 2.0 Technology

  • 3

    What is Liscio?

    • Liscio Dispatch - No more portals, no more emails, no more chasing.

  • 4

    Liscio Technology Training "The App"

    • 1. Liscio's Training Video 2021

    • 2. Tips to Become a Liscio Power User - A Coffee Break with Lindsio

    • 3. Electronic Signatures in Liscio - A Coffee Break with Lindsio

    • 4. Introducing Custom Views in Liscio Inbox

    • 5. Announcing Liscio + Karbon Integration

    • 6. How to Combine Liscio and Karbon to Deliver Flawless Client Experiences