"Red To BLACK" - Accounting Management Course

This is based on the book "Red to BLACK" which is written to help accounting professionals provide value added services to their clients with confidence and competence.  The courses helps you lean and apply these principles within your firm to generate more revenue per client as their Profit & Growth Expert.  

Within this course you will learn the amazing secret principles to turn around your client's business from Red to BLACK.  This is the "how to guide" to the next secret behind your successful accounting firm.

Discover what you need to know about to become more than an accounting to small businesses but a Profit Expert.

This course is taught by Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center.  He will help you work through the three critical turnaround areas, controlling cash flow, reducing expenses and increasing revenue.  After completing this course you'll have both the confidence and competence to take this to your clients.

This truly is the accountants guide to quick turnarounds.

Many times, when small business owners need help, they turn their accountant for advice and counsel.  "Red to BLACK" is the guidebook for accountants (you) and consultants who work with these business owners.  Within the course we'll focus on the the crucial aspects of the turnaround process.  Simple steps are outlined from the initial contract through to the stabilization and profitable growth of the client.  Three business case studies will be used in the course to help give you experience and confidence in the process.

"Red to BLACK" illustrates an effective way to build your accounting practice, make more money and gain expertise in helping troubled small businesses - making them profitable once and for all.  This is the guide to your first turnaround opportunity or to enhance the accounting and management skills even if you are a professional now.

After this course you will:

  • Become more than an accountant to small businesses, a Profit & Growth Expert
  • Find out if this turnaround work is right for you personally and for accounting firm to offer
  • Set up a turnaround project to best meet the needs of the business in trouble and also get paid well for it
  • Assess the business situation accurately and quickly
  • Create a turnaround business plan that can bring success in 30 days with the complete commitment of the business owner
  • Work through the three critical turnaround areas - controlling cash flow, reducing expenses and increasing revenue.
  • See how to reassess the situation after 30 days to see what went well and what still needs to be done to make the business profitable.
  • Put everything together to build your earnings and your reputation as a turnaround expert as well as the Profit & Growth Expert for small business.  

Red To Black In 30 Days
 A Small Accountant’s Guide to Quick Business Turnaround 

by Allen Bostrom, CPA

Do you or any of your clients need help turning a business around - quick?

This economy has devastated many small businesses, and they need help fast— like, yesterday!

Whether you're a struggling business owner or a financial professional, Red to Black in 30 Days will be an invaluable resource for your business, helping you turn failing companies around and achieve true success and profitability. And as a contract accountant, bookkeeper, and/or tax preparer, you'll find this knowledge increases your expertise and appeal exponentially.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A small business accountant's guide to Quick turnarounds

    • R2B 1 - Forward

    • R2B 1 Forward

    • R2B 1 - Part 1

    • R2B 2 Introduction to Part 1

    • R2B 1 - Case Studies

    • R2B 3 Introduction to the Case Studies

    • R2B 1 - Profit Expert

    • R2B 4 Ch1 The Profit Expert

    • R2B 2 - Moving Forward

    • R2B 5 Ch2 Setting Up the Project

    • R2B 3 - Dev 1

    • R2B 6 Ch3 Assessing the Situation

    • R2B 3 - Dev 2

    • R2B 7 Ch4 Planning the Turnaround Project

    • R2B 3 - Dev 3

    • R2B 8 Ch5 Improving Cash Management

    • R2B 3 - Dev 4

    • R2B 9 Ch6 Reducing Expenses

    • R2B 3 - Dev 5

    • R2B 10 Ch7 Increasing Revenue

    • R2B 3 - Dev 6

    • R2B 11 Ch8 Monitoring and Reassessing

    • R2B 4 - Doc

    • R2B 12 Ch9 Its Working

    • Wrapping things up

    • R2B-Complete

  • 2

    Red to Black in 30 Days Exam

    • Red to Black in 30 Days Exam

  • 3

    Red to Black - Audio Book

    • R2B - ACKNandINTRO

    • R2B - Chapter 1 Part A

    • R2B - Chapter 1 Part B

    • R2B - Chapter 2 Part A

    • R2B - Chapter 2 Part B

    • R2B - Chapter 3 Part A

    • R2B - Chapter 3 Part B

    • R2B - Chapter 4 Part A

    • R2B - Chapter 4 Part B

    • R2B - Chapter 5

    • R2B - Chapter 6

    • R2B - Chapter 7

    • R2B - Chapter 8

    • R2B - Chapter 9 Revised