Universal's Tax Resolution Series

The tax seasons that are heading our way will come with unique issues and struggles. Are you ready?

Tax Resolution as a service is booming - and it will not be slowing down any time soon!

Consider this:

In early 2020, the IRS announced plans to increase collection enforcement. Then, the entire country shut down due to the coronavirus, leaving millions of people in financial distress.

In all honesty, thousands of businesses could close permanently within the next 12 months.

Businesses, as well as individual taxpayers, are going to feel the effects of this for years to come. With all of the deferred payroll taxes that "The CARES Actpermitted them to pay next year or the year after, there could be millions of taxpayers in serious trouble very soon. 

Additionally, more confusion over the following issues might compound the problem: 

Issue 1: the deductions related the Payroll Protection Plan loans, 


Issue 2: the unemployed people who got that $600 weekly windfall, but didn’t take any IRS or state withholding.

It's a GUARANTEED fact that there will be a flood of taxpayers in desperate need of Tax Resolution Pros!

ARE YOU PREPARED with the Knowledge and Experience you will need? 

Will you be able to give them the BEST Answers and Guidance to help them survive financially?

Become the HERO that your clients will need to navigate their financial future!

Introducing The 10-Course TAX Resolution Bundle

Discounted Today! ONLY $249

Do YOU Feel Valued?

  • Are you tired of working long nights, and working for ungrateful clients who do not appreciate your time or skills?

  • Are you fed up with Congress making last minute changes to the tax laws in the middle of the season - and then extending deadline after deadline?

  • Isn't it time that you thrived financially ALL YEAR LONG, instead of struggling to work for a few months in the year in which to earn your 12-month income?

What You'll Learn

Your Tax Resolution Course, taught by the popular Eva Rosenburg EA, CTRS, is designed to provide a solid foundation for tax practitioners to handle all areas of IRS representation. This course will make it possible for YOU to find those clients who need your skills and expertise. Out of this $400 billion industry, there are plenty of people waiting for YOU! You will learn about IRS ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest and so much more! This course will include the following:

  • Foolproof Tips to release IRS levies on paychecks or bank accounts

  • Resolving Collection Issues

  • Preparing for an OIC

  • Preparing Collections Forms

  • 1040 Audit

  • After SUCCESSFUL Collections or Audits

  • When Collections and Audits Fail - APPEALS

  • Computing or Recalculating IRS Interest & Penalties

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Circular 230 Issues and Updates

About Your Coach

Jason Dinesen LPA, EA

Jason self-admits to being a bit of a tax nerd. He loves helping people alleviate their fear of – and frustration with – taxes. He started Dinesen Tax Services as a side business with 3 clients while working a day job in a “cubicle farm” in West Des Moines. The “side business” quickly became something much more than that, and by August of 2011, he left the cubicle behind and took his business full-time.

Why do you need Tax Resolution training?

This 10-part series is designed to provide a solid foundation for tax practitioners to handle all areas of IRS representation. These courses will make it possible for CPA firms, law firms, and EA firms to keep the representation in-house instead of continuing to hire out these lucrative cases to other tax professionals - and possibly lose the client permanently. This series will give you the tools to effectively handle: audits, collections, levy releases and appeals. Specific guidance and tips are provided to succeed at audits - or to prevail in appeals; to prepare and present an "Offer in Compromise" with the lowest legally acceptable balance due; a;so, to put collections actions on hold, to get levies released, and how to appeal collection decisions when they are not in your client's favor. You will also learn how to fix failed audits and collection cases started by the client - or other tax pros who couldn't help the client effectively.

Tax Representation Series

◼ 1 Year unlimited access to all 10 courses
◼ Qualifies for up to 20 hours of CE or CPE credit
◼ IRS and NASBA listed and Approved
◼ Video based
◼ So much more...