Program by Veronica Wasek

Build the virtual bookkeeping practice of your dreams WITHOUT all the trial and error, wasted time, and needless, costly mistakes. 

Starting and growing a virtual bookkeeping business can feel impossible without a roadmap...

  • You're not sure how to get new clients and how to get them onboarded and set up correctly.

  • There are about a million apps out there and you're not sure which ones you need.

  • You want to be CONFIDENT in your systems and know that you're doing your clients' books right.

  • You feel like you're in over your head and like you're missing something important at every turn.

How much easier would it be if you had a proven map to help you build your firm?

  • No more second-guessing if you're forgetting something crucial

  • Find the perfect tools and software to meet your needs on the first try

  • Confidently engage with new clients knowing you can meet and exceed their expectations

  • Spend your time making money and taking care of clients, instead of sorting through a mess

  • End each day knowing you're on track and exactly where you should be with your client work        

The Virtual Bookkeeper's Roadmap    


The Virtual Bookkeeper's Roadmap is unique, because it not only teaches you how to turn your bookkeeping skills into a thriving virtual business, it also gives you:

  • The apps and tech stack that I use to run my practice more efficiently and how you can choose the perfect tech for your unique needs.

  • The step-by-step workflows we use at VM Wasek, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

  • Checklists, templates, and forms so you'll hit the ground running like you've been doing this for years.

  • The secret to smooth onboarding and stress-free client engagements.

  • Exclusive student Facebook group and monthly Q&A.

  • and much, MUCH more!

This course will teach you how to set up and run your virtual practice so you can bypass YEARS of trial, error, and costly mistakes.

The Virtual Bookkeeper’s Roadmap program as the “PRODUCTION” solution you need.  This was designed by Veronica Wasek CPA to teach the best practices when it comes to the back office workflow.  Providing clients quality information and reports is great but do you find yourself:

  • Working too many hours to take care of your clients
  • Working nights and weekends
  • Not having time for yourself, for family and friends
  • Honestly, when was your last vacation or holiday

If you have the clients you need, love what you are doing but believe there is a better way to do the work this is the program for you.  Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur doing all the work or have a staff of a few or many this program is designed to standardize your workflow putting into place procedures you can trust.

When you enroll in The Virtual Bookkeepers Roadmap programyou can expect:

  • The Virtual Bookkeeping Business Model with all the basics to building a solid foundation for your business.
  • Veronic Wasek’s bookkeeping tech stack and tech workflows (QuickBooks Online, apps, and much more).  Yes, the look inside to see which apps can help you and your clients most.   This is a great way to identify, find, and evaluating essential apps for your business.   This is a full list of her company’s technology stack, a list of essential apps for your business.  Along with this you’ll also receive sample technology workflows.
  • Veronica will share how she gets paid upfront for all services.  It’s all in the positioning when you get your engagement.  For this you’ll receive a sample client service agreement (engagement letter).
  • Client on-boarding workflows and best practices.  Now that you have the client, what is the quickest and best way to bring them into your workflow and insure you set them up correctly.  As part of this you’ll receive client on-boarding checklist, flowcharts, scripts, and meeting agendas.
  • Learn how to deliver virtual bookkeeping services – monthly bookkeeping workflows.  Eliminate the need to physically go into the office of each of your clients.  Also see how you can best work with clients that are anywhere.
  • See what you can do to managing client work status and due dates.  As you build your team and staff this will help you insure everyone is on the same page.  It also eliminates the concern of hiring key people you can’t replace because of their client knowledge.  It’s all about team collaboration.  She’ll share how to build a knowledge capital library so your business is not dependent on your or your employees’ knowledge.
  • Of course there is the monthly bookkeeping review workflow to insure the work is complete and done correctly.
  • Then there is the document management, proven strategies for maximizing your productivity.
  • Veronica then covers the “lessons” she’s learned on her own journey – She’ll share with you what has worked for her and what hasn’t worked.
  • You can expect action plans for every lesson, so you can implement what you’ve learned in the course in your business.

All of this is delivered in video lessons and downloadable PDF materials and other resources such as:

  • Sample monthly credit card/ACH form.
  • Sample bookkeeping service packages.
  • Monthly bookkeeping calendar.
  • 5 monthly bookkeeping tasks you should be performing for every client.
  • Sample bookkeeping project templates and workflows
  • Monthly bookkeeping review checklist and workflows.
  • A demonstration of how my team and I review our client’s books (self-review and manager review).
  • Sample document management file structure.
  • Team collaboration meeting agendas.
  • Sample knowledge base.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Universal Accounting Center is that our programs are designed to help you be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  This is to say that with each program you are assigned a coach, a mentor to help you in the coming months apply these resources and principles in your business.  Therefore you can also expect to be invited to a Private Facebook group and monthly Q&A. With your access to the private Facebook group you can ask questions, share your challenges and wins. You’ll get the added bonus of interacting with a community of bookkeepers and accountants committed to systematizing and growing successful practices.  Your membership in this exclusive Facebook group also entitles you to a monthly group Q&A where you can get answers to your most pressing questions directly from Veronica Wasek.

Like we said, in business for yourself but not by yourself!