Why is the Universal Practice Builder program so IMPORTANT?

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The Universal Practice Builder™
 The ART and SCIENCE of Getting Clients

30 hours

The ART makes it FUN.  The SCIENCE makes it CERTAIN.  The Comprehensive Universal Practice Builder Course can make you as powerful in MARKETING your accounting, bookkeeping and tax services as you are in PROVIDING them.  You will learn how to say the RIGHT thing, in the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT person, and how to determine what is RIGHT.  gives you the proven marketing strategies, tactics and tools to make your marketing fun, effective, and so much easier.  Focusing on low cost and no cost proven marketing strategies, you can multiply and accellerate your marketing success as you learn how to have natural conversations that will attract, convert and retain better paying clients.

Course Contents:

  • Learn about basic personality types using the Colors system - strengths and weaknesses of each and how to deal with them, including your own color.  Learn how to work well with any personality type and present the benefits of your services more effectively depending on their unique priorities.
  • Design, implement and develop your own detailed marketing plan.  Learn how to set your income goals and break them down into a 1 year and 3 year marketing plan. Learn how to re-evaluate and revise your plan as needed.
  • Learn the basics of persuasive presentations including how to put together an effective 30 and 60 second commercial to attract clients, what to say to set appointements, and how to convert presentations into clients. All the marketing techniques taught lead to a face-to-face appointments. 
  • Learn how to price your services and present your value to maximize your profitability and keep your clients happy 
  • Learn 12 marekting strategies that you can use depending on your own strengths and weaknesses that build naturally on your current circle of influence to build steadily outward from there. 
  • Includes dozens of sample letters, emails, and other marketing materials for you to adapt to your own accounting/bookkeeping and tax service.
  • Learn how to overcome resistance and address the inertia, fear and concerns of your potential clients. 

Our Guarantee

“If after following the steps of the Universal Practice Builder for 12 months, you do not have an increase of more than $30,000 in annualized billings, then simply return all materials given and we will refund all monies paid.”

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session 1: Introduction to the Program

    • UPB S1 Introduction

    • Introduction by Roger Knecht, President

    • UPB S1 T1 Profit and Growth Expert

    • Implementing this Program

    • UPB S1 Review

    • UPB S1 Introduction

    • UPB S1 T1 Introduction

  • 2

    Session 2: Who Are You Really?

    • UPB S2 Introduction

    • UPB S2 T1 Personality Styles Self Evaluation

    • UPB S2 T1 Who are you really

    • UPB S2 T2 Color Coding Analysis Sheet

    • UPB S2 T2 Red Personality Style

    • UPB S2 T3 Red

    • UPB S2 T3 Blue Personality Style

    • UPB S2 T4 Blue

    • UPB S2 T4 White Personality Style

    • UPB S2 T5 White

    • UPB S2 T5 Yellow Personality Style

    • UPB S2 T6 Yellow

    • UPB S2 T6 Personality Style Reactions

    • UPB S2 T7 Practical Uses of Personality Styles

    • UPB S2 T7 Quick Assessment

    • Color Coding on a Daily Basis

    • Accounting is a People Business

    • The Love Languages

    • Motivating your Employees

    • What Motivates Whom?

    • Application of Color Coding

    • UPB S2 T8 Review

  • 3

    Session 3: Building Your Practice

    • UPB S3 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S3 T2 Begin With the End in Mind

    • UPB S3 T3 Working ON vs IN the Business

    • UPB S3 T4 Defining -What Next- Planning

    • UPB S3 T5 Your Vision

    • UPB S3 T6 Growing the Business Geometrically

    • UPB S3 T1 Building Your Practice

    • Beginning with the End in Mind

    • Work On Your Business

    • Building Your Business Plan with Systems

    • Time Management

    • This is YOUR Company

    • Growing the Business Geometrically

    • Working on Your Business Plan

    • UPB S3 T7 Review

  • 4

    Session 4: Planning Your Exit Strategy

    • UPB S4 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S4 T2 Declare it to the Universe

    • UPB S4 T1 Planning Your Exit Strategy

    • Engage and Manifest

    • UPB S4 T3 Review

  • 5

    Session 5: The Science Makes It Certain

    • UPB S5 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S5 T2 It is a Numbers Game

    • UPB S5 T3 Seeing You as the Expert

    • UPB S5 T1 The Science Makes It Certain

    • Cut to the Chase

    • UPB S5 T4 Review

  • 6

    Case Study 1

    • UPB S5 T5 Case Study 1

    • UPB Case Study 1

  • 7

    Session 6: Starting in the Right Place

    • UPB S6 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S6 T2 Saying the RIGHT THING

    • UPB S6 T3 Consistently Be Marketing

    • UPB S6 T1 Starting at the Right Place

    • Practice Your Commercial

    • Your NEW Busienss Card

    • UPB S6 T4 Review

  • 8

    Session 7: The Right People

    • UPB S7 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S7 T2 The Right People

    • UPB S7 T3 Your Competitive Advantage

    • UPB S7 T4 The Power of Referral

    • UPB S7 T5 Right Way - Right Time

    • UPB S7 T6 Networking

    • UPB S7 T7 Chambers and Clubs

    • UPB S7 T8 Networking Events

    • UPB S7 T1 The Right People

    • Trust the Process

    • Networking

    • UPB S7 T9 Review

  • 9

    Session 8: Supersize Your Marketing with Seminars

    • UPB S8 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S8 T2 Seminars

    • UPB S8 T1 Supersize Your Marketing With Seminars

    • Seminars

    • UPB S8 T3 Review

  • 10

    Session 9: Effective Seminar Follow-up

    • UPB S9 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S9 T2 Seminar Follow-up

    • UPB S9 T1 Effective Seminar Follow-up

    • UPB S9 T3 Review

    • Seminar Follow-Up

  • 11

    Session 10: Targeted Marketing

    • UPB S10 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S10 T2 Telemarketing and Lists

    • UPB S10 T3 Telemarketing Scripts

    • UPB S10 T4 Overcoming Objections

    • UPB S10 T5 Everything Counts

    • UPB S10 T1 Targeted Marketing

    • UPB S10 T6 Telemarketing Role Play

    • Telemarketing

    • Overcoming Objections

    • Telemarketing - What has changed?

    • UPB S10 T7 Review

  • 12

    Case Study 2

    • UPB S15 Case Study 2

    • UPB Case Study 2

  • 13

    Session 11: Presentation Basics

    • UPB S11 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S11 T2 Building Rapport

    • UPB S11 T3 Client Interview

    • UPB S11 T4 Client Review Breakdown

    • UPB S11 T1 Presentation Basics

    • Presentation Basics

    • UPB S11 T5 Review

  • 14

    Session 12: Making What You are Worth

    • UPB S12 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S12 T2 ABC Sales Process

    • UPB S12 T3 Asking Questions

    • UPB S12 T4 Determining Your Fee for the Client

    • UPB S12 T5 Letter of Engagement

    • UPB S12 T6 Negotiating a Fair Fee

    • UPB S12 T1 Making What You Are Worth

    • Pricing Your Services

    • UPB S12 T7 Review

  • 15

    Session 13: Marketing Made Easy

    • UPB S13 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S13 T2 Your Competitive Advantage - Key Three

    • UPB S13 T3 Press Releases

    • UPB S13 T4 Specializing - Niching

    • UPB S13 T5 Networking

    • UPB S13 T6 Signage

    • UPB S13 T7 Trade Shows

    • UPB S13 T8 Websites

    • UPB S13 T9 Public Speaking

    • UPB S13 T10 Newsletters

    • UPB S13 T11 Branding

    • UPB S13 T12 Tax Clients

    • UPB S13 T1 Marketing Made Easy

    • Recap Marketing Services

    • Want Ad Posting

    • UPB S13 T13 Review

  • 16

    Session 14: Being The Profit Expert

    • UPB S14 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S14 T2 Working at the Mine

    • UPB S14 T3 Getting to Know Your Client

    • UPB S14 T4 Reducing Taxes

    • UPB S14 T5 Quarterly Assessments

    • UPB S14 T6 Benchmarking and DuPont Model

    • UPB S14 T7 Using BizBench

    • UPB S14 T8 Introduction to the In the BLACK Seminar

    • UPB S14 T9 The Wisdom Pyramid

    • UPB S14 T10 In the BLACK - Mapping Your Business

    • UPB S14 T11 Nine Principles To Make Your Business Profitable

    • UPB S14 T12 Staffing and Designations

    • UPB S14 T13 Becoming a Profit Expert

    • UPB S14 T1 Being the Profit Expert

    • Becoming a Profit & Growth Expert

    • UPB S14 T14 Review

  • 17

    Session 15: Big Opportunities

    • UPB S15 T1 Introduction

    • UPB S15 T2 Big Opportunities

    • UPB S15 T1 Big Opportunities

    • Too Few New Accounting Firms

    • UPB S15 T3 Review

  • 18

    Case Study 3

    • UPB S15 T5 Case Study 3

    • UPB Case Study 3

  • 19

    Case Study 4

    • UPB S15 T6 Case Study 4

    • Building the Business Plan

    • UPB Case Study 4

  • 20

    Session 16: Case Studies 1-4 (Copy)

    • UPB S16 T1 Case Studies 1-4

  • 21

    Session 17: Action Planning

    • Pulling It All Together!

    • UPB S17 T1 Action Planning

    • What's Next?

  • 22

    Session 18: Business Assessment - BizBench

    • UPB S18 T1 Business Assessment

  • 23

    Universal Practice Builder Practice Exam

    • Universal Practice Builder Exam