The Visible Value Experience

What You'll Learn 

Visible Value’s purpose is to enable financial literacy at all levels of society. 

This is a completely unique, immersive, virtual learning experience Visible Value enables literally anyone (even those allergic to math) to be effective in running a responsible, sustainable business. 

Course Description 

Finance training that’s as fun as it is effective 

Our Visible Value games help people to understand: 

  • How to run a sustainable and profitable business 
  • How to interpret key financial jargon (even those allergic to math!) 
  • How to adapt to changing market conditions


Pricing for Profit

A fast paced, highly engaging experience for anyone needing the basics 

  • How to price for profit 
  • Understanding your customers 
  • Winning in a competitive market 
  • Working with financial statements 
  • Strategic planning and decision making
  • Understanding budgets and cashflow

Everyone! No business experience is necessary but also ideal for sales teams. Managers, functional teams, graduates, business/economics students. 

This is a fun, dynamic and digitally-enabled experience in how to create business value We have created Visible Value to simplify the fundamentals of business finance into a realistic and dynamic simulation that brings theory to life. Business finance is often seen as the domain of the accounting department, full of complex terms that many employees don’t understand. But finance certainly needs to be understood by all decision makers. Knowing how the business works and how individual actions impact business performance is also a key factor in employee engagement. 

Our unique visual, transactional simulation format represents the workings of a company, showing participants how they can both create and destroy value through their decisions.

Course curriculum

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    What is the Universal CFO Simulator?

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