Universal Accounting School presents

The Virtual Trade Show and Toolbox

We all look forward to visiting the rows and rows of vendors at trade shows: the new connections, the fun exhibits and eye-catching displays and the SWAG! 

But what do the vendors look forward to at trade shows? The long hours of set up and clean up? The sore back and aching feet from standing day after day waiting for potential clients to approach? 

The ANSWER is here!

How would you like to attract tons of customers WITHOUT having to stand for hours surfing through hordes of people to find those who need your products and services? NO MORE giving your pitch to every single passerby hoping they sign with you! 

Introducing Universal Accounting Center's Virtual Trade Show and Toolbox. 

Would you love to find clients without having to set up booths, carry in boxes of swag and pitch hundreds of visitors, with no guarantee of finding those profitable connections? With a constantly changing virtual trade show, you can reach those potential clients that want to know more about your business, program, or app with ease.

Get your products and services in front of hundreds of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax pros with NO sore feet and NO aching backs!

With “The UA Virtual Trade Show and Toolbox”, you can set up a virtual booth showcasing your business’s services and technologies/apps, which will be accessed by hundreds of UAC’s contacts and clients.

For a sample of some of our other vendor’s booths, go to https://www.uacourses.com/enroll/992592?price_id=1095839

How would you like to have a free and easy way to get your “business face” in front of hundreds of UA’s Virtual Tradeshow attendees in one location? Forget the early mornings of conventions, the hours of travel, the rushed set-up time, the long hours on your feet interacting with each visitor to your booth. 

Our Virtual Tradeshow is offered through our online learning management system, which allows each of our users to see and learn how you can help them expand and manage their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax firms. You will save time and energy and still reach those professionals who need you to maximize their business.  

While you focus on your business, we guide traffic to your specific business pages. We highlight how your specialized services will improve their practices.

For a sample of some of our other vendor’s booths, go to https://www.uacourses.com/enroll/992592?price_id=1095839

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