Start and Grow Your Own Successful Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

60 hours

Learn everything you need to know to start and grow your own successful accounting and bookkeeping service specifically for small business.  

This amazing course teaches you the double-entry accounting system that has been the backbone of business for the last 500 years!  Learn how to take a business client from the "shoe-box" to financial statements following the 8 steps double-entry accounting.  

You will actually do books for 11 different small businesses from different industries as you go through the course and learn the unique aspects of accounting for each - things people usually only learn by actually working for those particular businesses. 

Why Professional Bookkeeping is Right for you RIGHT NOW!

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Why Professional Bookkeeping is Right for you RIGHT NOW!

Accolades from students!

Program Outline

Module 1: Accounting Made Easy

  • Journals and Ledgers - General Ledger, Journals, and Subsidiary Ledgers
  • Balance Sheet - Assets, Liabilities, Accruals, Capital, Depreciation and Other Balance Sheet Accounts, with Exercises and Industry Application.
  • Business Entities - Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporations
  • Balance Sheet Practice
  • Earnings Statement - Revenue, Cost of Goods, Expenses, Chart of Accounts with Exercise and Industry Applications
  • Sales and Cost of Sales - SPEC's, Percentage of Sales, Mark-up, Gross Profit Margin

Module II - Practical Small Business Applications

  • Practical Application of Double Entry Accounting System for:
    • Furniture Store
    • Convenience Store with Gas Pumps and Service Bays
    • Bakery
    • Clothing Storex

Module III - Advancing Your Accountability

  • Establishing a Bookkeeping System
  • Year End Closing
  • Cash vs. Accrual Accounting
  • Practical Application of Double Entry Accounting System for:
    • Dealership
    • Art and Frame Shop
    • Manufacturer
    • Construction
    • Non-Profit

Module IV - Building a Successful Accounting Service

  • Practical Application of Double Entry Bookkeeping System - Deli
  • Setting up your own business - licensing, taxes, etc.
  • Finding Employment as a Professional Bookkeeper
  • Finding New Clients for Your Own Practice - 12 Proven No-Cost and Low Cost Strategies for the Non Marketer
  • Establishing a Win/Win Pricing Strategy

BONUS - Two additional Practical Application Sets

  • Medical Office
  • Photography Studio

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