What's a Tech Stack?

Call it what you may, there are many terms for it; The Accounting Technology Ecosystem, FinTech, Tech Stack, Appification, or just your accounting toolkit. Find what you need when you need it. 

Your tech stack is defined as the applications you utilize to help you support and grow your business. Knowing how they impact your business in terms of time and money is a level of analysis most people don't have time for. 

As real-time data becomes more and more crucial for businesses to strategize and thrive at every stage of the business life cycle, accountants who provide oversight into the impact of a business's use of various applications become that much more crucial. If you haven't taken the time to take inventory of your tech stack, you should do so.

As the pace of technology increases, the reliance on real-time data has become more crucial when it comes to making important decisions that will impact your business. Defining and understanding your tech stack needs for your business can make or break your business.

The financial technology landscape continues to grow and evolve, with new solutions made available every day. As a result, there is confusion that arises wondering what systems are available when it comes to evaluating options. To help you better understand the different options available to support specific functions within your organization’s finance and accounting department, tax automation software, expense management, accounts payable automation and document management, UACourses has put together The Accountant, Bookkeeper and Tax Preparers Toolbox and Virtual Trade Show.

We showcase the ways that technology can be leveraged to automate manual data entry work which will free up time to enable accounting professionals to build out their advisory skills.

Building a Solid Technology Strategy is More important Than Ever

Technology has enabled us as accounting professionals to create more efficient processes in So ramp up, educate yourself, adopt new technology and establish new ways of doing business with your businesses and with our clients. Technology gives us leverage.

Ryan Watson, Principal at Unsourced Accounting and Xero Ambassador, says. “If we can automate the kinds of things clients are used to seeing from their accountants, like basic bookkeeping and reporting, we can focus our time instead on delivering the kinds of things they’re not used to seeing – business strategy, financial modeling, and process improvement. Technology is our secret weapon, so nailing the tech stack for each client and workflow is critically important.”

“It’s not just about apps. There IS app overload. It’s also about your processes.” In this industry, change is happening from the applications automating work. 

The virtual trade show shows just how rapidly change happens. “The sheer number of players in the accounting technology field has increased rapidly,” says Kacee Johnson, Founder of Blue Ocean Principles. “There are new solutions every year in addition to the familiar ones that accounting professionals have to evaluate and consider. The technology changed, but so do the players. The number grows as fast as technology changes.”

When it comes to new technology, disruption is inevitable. What isn’t is the fate of those that adapt to change and embrace new ways of working. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way software helps accountants work smarter and faster. The next wave of accounting is just forming. By taking these steps, you can put yourself on the path to a strong future.

Take time to work on your business, not just in it

At Universal, helping you, the accounting and tax professionals, succeed in your business is a primary mission.  And you’ll be in the best position to do that when you keep the health of your business in check as well. Take the time to build out your processes – on-boarding new team members, on-boarding clients, adopting technologies, creating security protocols and processes for your firm and your clients.

Take stock in what your company needs on a regular basis, keep up to date with best practices and new possibilities. This virtual trade show is an excellent way to focus on what your clients need. 

Technology is ever changing and how you maximize its efficiency sets the course of success for your business.

This is a bird’s eye look at the landscape across today’s accounting technology companies and what they do, from platforms to HR to app integrators.  This is a living document, which means we’ll be updating it often. 

If you are a vendor and would like your product, app, or service in this Online Trade Show click here.

Accounting Ecosystem and Tech Stack

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Welcome Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers

  • 2

    Index of Tools

    • Toolbox Categories and Trade Show Index

  • 3

    365BooksPro - Outsource Support

    • Accounting BPO

    • Building a thriving accounting firm interview with Roger Knecht and Melanie Macatangay

  • 4

    AbacusNext - Office Tools for Accountants

    • Office Tools Cloud

    • Office Tools Workspace

    • Office Tools: The Ultimate Practice Management Software

    • More information

  • 5

    Adam's Setting Up Your Business Checklist - Start Today

    • Adam Syvock's "Setting Up Your Business Checklist" Download

    • Client Onboarding

    • Word Document of Client Onboarding


    • The Master Coaching Playbook

  • 6

    ADVANCED WEBINARS by Hector Garcia, CPA - Additional Training

    • ADVANCED WEBINARS by Hector Garcia, CPA

  • 7

    Avalara - Sales and Use Taxes

    • Sales Tax Suite

    • Prospecting Sheet

    • Why use Avalara?

  • 8

    Bill.Com - Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

    • Bill.Com

  • 9

    Bookkeep - e-Commerce Integration tools

    • Bookkeep

  • 10

    Botkeeper - Accounting Artificial Intelligence

    • Botkeeper - The Future of Bookkeeping

  • 11

    Canopy - Client Management Application

    • Get Canopy

  • 12

    Collbox - Collections Solutions

    • Collbox - Debt Collection at the Push of a Button

  • 13

    Corpay - Expense Management

    • Corpay - Business Cards

  • 14

    CPACharge - Payment Acceptance

    • CPACharge

  • 15

    Divvy - Expense Management

    • The credit & software your business needs to thrive.

    • Divvy Executive Briefing

    • Time Saving Financial Process

  • 16

    Dope CFO - Cannabis and CBD Accounting and Tax Training

    • Cannabis and CBD Accounting Training

  • 17

    Gusto - Payroll Services

    • Gusto

    • Contact Gusto for more information and special deals for you and your clients

  • 18

    Hour Timesheet - Time Tracking Software

    • Hour Timesheet

    • Try it FREE!

  • 19

    Hurdlr - Accountant's Dashboard

    • Hurdlr Pro

    • Hurdlr Pro Accountants Version

  • 20

    IGNITE Practice Management -Firm growth, Staff management and Partner performance

    • IGNITE Practice Management

    • 7 Powerful Modules brimming with proven ideas from Mark Lloydbottom, FCA

  • 21

    ImagineTime - Practice Management Software

    • Practice Management Software

  • 22

    Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programs - Additional Training

    • ProAdvisor Programs

  • 23

    Jirav - Forecasting and Budgeting

    • Jirav - Client Advisory Services

    • Learn More

  • 24

    Keeper - Client Management Applications

    • Keeper

  • 25

    Knowify - Construction Management Software

    • Get to know Knowify for your clients

  • 26

    Liscio - Client Management Applications

    • Liscio: The all-in-one customer experience platform to run your front office remotely.

    • What to Do When Clients TEXT You

    • Liscio Newsletter

    • Help your clients be more successful

  • 27

    Melio - Accounts Payable Automation

    • Pay Vendors and Contractors

  • 28

    MineralTree - Accounts Payable Automation

    • MineralTree

  • 29

    Minute7 - Time Tracking Software

    • Minute7

  • 30

    MNCO - Outsourcing

    • About MNCO Global

    • MNCO Global

  • 31

    Once Accounting

    • Once Accounting

    • Once Accounting Information

    • Once Product Market Comparision

  • 32

    PATH by Simplex - Financial Dashboard

    • PATH by Symplex

  • 33

    Patriot - Accounting Software

    • Roger and Scott Nelson discuss Patriot Accounting Software

  • 34

    Patriot - Payroll Software

    • Roger Knecht and Scott Nelson discuss Patriot Payroll

    • How easy is it to run a payroll with Patriot?

  • 35

    Paychex® - Payroll Agency

    • HR, Payroll, Benefits and Insurance Service

    • Tax Season Tools

  • 36

    Payroll Restoration - Other Payroll Services

    • Payroll Restoration

  • 37

    Pixie - Workflow Templates, Processes and Organization

    • Roger and Jordan discuss Pixie Workflow

    • Walk through Pixie with Roger and Jordan

    • Discover how to onboard your new clients in less time and with less stress

    • USA Onboarding Workflow Guide

    • Free Trial

  • 38

    PostcardMania - Postcard Mailing Services

    • Postcard Mailing Experts

    • PostcardMania Postcard marketing and more

    • Free Mailing List

  • 39

    Prime Corporate Services - Business Services

    • Corporate Services

  • 40

    Proadvisor Marketing - Contract Marketing

    • Meet Kristen Corey, An Online Marketer With An Accounting Background

    • ProAdvisor Marketing

  • 41

    QB Power Hour - Additional Training

    • QB Power Hour

  • 42

    Relay - Business Banking

    • Relay Business Banking Overview

    • More information on Relay

  • 43

    Shtar - Accounts Payable Automation

    • Autonomize Payments, Invoicing and Reconciliations

  • 44

    Skyline Payment Services - Get Paid Faster

    • Get Paid Faster

    • Skyline Payment Services

  • 45

    Sovos - Sales and Use Tax Automation Tool

    • Sovos

  • 46

    The Tax Book - Tax Reference and Support

    • TheTaxBook

  • 47

    TaxDome- Client Management Platform

    • TaxDome

  • 48

    Tipalti - Accounts Payable Automation

    • Global Accounts Payable Automation

    • Datasheet—Tipalti- Powering Payables, Today and Tomorrow

    • How to Escape the Manual AP Processing Trap

  • 49

    TOA Global

    • TOA Global

  • 50

    Truly Financial - Small Business Banking

    • Become a Referring Partner

    • Use Truly Financial to build your business

  • 51

    UnCat - Business Inelegance

    • Categorize all of the UnCategorized Transactions

  • 52

    Veem - Payment Solutions

    • Veem - Payment Solutions

    • Veem for Accountants

  • 53

    Vertical IQ - Industry-based Intelligence

    • Vertical IQ CPA Overview

    • Vertical IQ with Roger Knecht and Bobby Martin CEO & Co-Founder

    • Learn more

  • 54

    The CFO Project

    • The CFO Project Program