Course curriculum

Over 8.5 hours of video training

  • 2

    I Session 1: How QuickBooks Online Works

  • 3

    I Session 2: Accounting 101

  • 4

    I Session 3: QuickBooks Online Accounting 101

    • Using Forms in QuickBooks Online (M1 S3 T1 )

    • Using Registers or Forms (M1 S3 T2)

    • Setting Up the Chart of Accounts (M1 S3 T3)

    • Subaccounts (M1 S3 T4 )

    • When to use the General Journal (M1 S3 T5)

    • Entering Journal Entries (M1 S3 T6 )

    • Learning Activity: The Balance Sheet Report (M1 S3 T7)

  • 5

    I Session 4: Mastering Navigation Basics

    • The Dashboard (M1 S4 T1)

    • The Left Menu Bar (M1 S4 T2)

    • The Quick Create PLUS (M1 S4 T3)

    • The Gear Tool (M1 S4 T4)

    • The Help Menu (M1 S4 T5)

    • What You See on the Screen (M1 S4 T6)

    • Multiple Tabs (M1 S4 T7)

    • Learning Activity: Setting Up Accounts (M1 S4 T8)

    • PRINT ME Learning Activity Module 1 Session 4 Setting up Accounts

  • 6

    I Session 5: Getting Help & Finding and Correcting Mistakes

    • Getting Help in QBO (M1 S5 T1)

    • Finding and Correcting Mistakes Safely (M1 S5 T2)

    • Learning Activity: Dashboard (M1 S5 T3)

  • 7

    I Session 6: Setting up a New Company

    • When Do You Create a New Company (M1 S6 T1)

    • Setting up a new company (M1 S6 T2)

    • Lets Go (M1 S6 T3)

    • Starting Date (M1 S6 T4)

    • Beginning Balances (M1 S6 T5)

    • Historical Data (M1 S6 T6)

    • Opening Balance Equity Account (M1 S6 T7)

    • Default Chart of Accounts (M1 S6 T8)

    • Importing and Exporting CSV files (M1 S6 T9)

  • 8

    I Session 7: Account and Settings

    • The Gear Icon (M1 S7 T1)

    • Company (M1 S7 T2)

    • Usage (M1 S7 T3)

    • Sales: Custom Form Styles (M1 S7 T4)

    • Sales: Sales Form Content (M1 S7 T5)

    • Sales: Products and Services (M1 S7 T6)

    • Sales: Product Invoicing (M1 S7 T7)

    • Sales: Messages (M1 S7 T8)

    • Sales: Reminders (M1 S7 T9)

    • Sales: Online Delivery (M1 S7 T10)

    • Sales: Statements (M1 S7 T11)

    • Expenses: Bills and Expenses (M1 S7 T12)

    • Expenses : Purchase Orders (M1 S7 T13)

    • Expenses : Messages (M1 S7 T14)

    • Advanced: Accounting (M1 S7 T15)

    • Advanced : Company Type (M1 S7 T16)

    • Advanced : Chart of Accounts (M1 S7 T17)

    • Advanced: Categories (M1 S7 T18)

    • Advanced: Automation (M1 S7 T19)

    • Advanced: Projects (M1 S7 T20)

    • Advanced: Time Tracking (M1 S7 T21)

    • Advanced :Currency (M1 S7 T22)

    • Advanced: Other Preferences (M1 S7 T23)

  • 9

    I Session 8: Other Gear Links and Shortcuts

    • Manage Users (M1 S8 T1)

    • Custom Form Styles (M1 S8 T2)

    • Chart of Accounts (M1 S8 T3)

    • QuickBooks Labs (M1 S8 T4)

    • Lists (M1 S8 T5)

    • Tools (M1 S8 T6)

    • Profile (M1 S8 T7)

  • 10

    I Session 9: Introduction to Reporting

    • Reports Menu (M1 S9 T1)

    • Standard Reports (M1 S9 T2 )

    • QuickZoom (M1 S9 T3)

    • The Customize Reports Buttons (M1 S9 T4)

    • Cash vs Accrual Accounting (M1 S9 T5)

    • Learning Activity: Cash vs Accrual (M1 S9 T6)

    • Learning Activity Reports (M1 S9 T7 )

  • 11

    QuickBooks Online Module I Practice Exam

    • QuickBooks Online Module 1 Practice Exam

  • 12

    II Session 1: Lists in QuickBooks Online

    • Understanding Lists (M2 S1 T1)

    • Adding to Lists (M2 S1 T2)

    • Lists Rules and Limitations (M2 S1 T3)

    • Making List Items Inactive (M2 S1 T4)

    • Modifying List Items (M2 S1 T5)

    • Merging List Items (M2 S1 T6)

    • More on Making List Items Inactive (M2 S1 T7)

    • Learning Activity: QuickBooks Lists (M2 S1 T8)

  • 13

    II Session 2: Creating Customers

    • Who you add to the Customer List (M2 S2 T1)

    • Customers (M2 S2 T2)

    • Setting Up Customers (M2 S2 T3)

    • Using Sub-Customers (M2 S2 T4)

    • Classes ( M2 S2 T5)

    • Entering Classes (M2 S2 T6)

    • What Shows Up on Reports with Classes (M2 S2 T7)

    • Locations (M2 S2 T8)

    • Learning Activity_Adding Customers (M2 S2 T9)

  • 14

    II Session 3: The Items List

    • What Items Do for You (M2 S3 T1)

    • When must you use Items (M2 S3 T2)

    • Inventory Items (M2 S3 T3)

    • Non-Inventory Items (M2 S3 T4)

    • Service Item (M2 S3 T5)

    • Bundle Items (M2 S3 T6)

    • Items Tab vs Categories Tab (M2 S3 T7)

    • Learning Activity_Setting up a Service Item (M2 S3 T8)

  • 15

    II Session 4: Invoices From Estimates

    • Creating Estimates (M2 S4 T1)

    • Entering Items on Estimates (M2 S4 T2)

    • Invoicing From Estimates (M2 S4 T3)

    • Learning Activity: Creating Estimates (M2 S4 T4)

  • 16

    II Session 5: Invoicing for Time and Costs

    • Assigning Costs to Customers (M2 S5 T1)

    • Assigning Time to Customers (M2 S5 T2)

    • Expenses in Job Costing (M2 S5 T3)

    • Invoicing Customers for Time and Costs (M2 S5 T4)

    • Learning Activity: Job Cost Invoices (M2 S5 T5)

  • 17

    II Session 6: Invoicing From Scratch

    • Entering Items on Invoices (M2 S6 T1)

    • Subtotals (M2 S6 T2)

    • Discounts (M2 S6 T3)

    • Entering Down Payments (M2 S6 T4)

    • Printing Invoices (M2 S6 T5)

    • Emailing Forms (M2 S6 T6)

    • Marking Items as Send Later (M2 S6 T7)

    • Learning Activity_Creating Invoices (M2 S6 T8)

  • 18

    II Session 7: Money - Receiving Payments and Depositing in the Bank

    • Enter Invoice then Receive Payment (M2 S7 T1)

    • Undeposited Funds (M2 S7 T2)

    • Receive Payments (M2 S7 T3)

    • Partial Payment (M2 S7 T4)

    • Sales Receipts (M2 S7 T5)

    • Making a Deposit (M2 S7 T6)

    • Deposits Other than Undeposited Funds (M2 S7 T7)

    • Learning Activity: QuickBooks Deposits (M2 S7 T8)

  • 19

    II Session 8: Trobleshooting Customer Management

    • Issuing Credits to your Customers (M2 S8 T1)

    • Income Tracker and Customers (M2 S8 T2)

    • Bounced Checks (M2 S8 T3)

    • Customer Statements (M2 S8 T4)

    • Adjust Inventory (M2 S8 T5)

  • 20

    QuickBooks Online Module II Practice Exam

    • QuickBooks Online Module 2 Practice Exam

  • 21

    III Session 1: Creating Vendors

    • Who do we add to the Vendor List (M3 S1 T1)

    • The Expenses Center (M3 S1 T2)

    • Vendor Information (M3 S1 T3)

    • Learning Activity: Adding Vendors (M3 S1 T4)

  • 22

    III Session 2: Purchase Orders

    • When and why to use Purchase Orders (M3 S2 T1)

    • Purchase Orders are non-posting (M3 S2 T2)

    • Entering Purchase Orders (M3 S2 T3)

    • Assigning Job Costing to a Purchase Order (M3 S2 T4)

    • Receiving Purchase Orders (M3 S2 T5)

    • Inventory Item Flow (M3 S2 T6)

    • Learning Activity: Entering a PO (M3 S2 T7)

  • 23

    III Session 3: Entering Bills

    • When do I enter Bills (M3 S3 T1)

    • Item Details tab vs Category Details tab (M3 S3 T2)

    • Entering Bills from scratch (M3 S3 T3)

    • Job Costing on Bills (M3 S3 T4)

    • Invoicing Customers for Bills (M3 S3 T5)

    • 1099s and 1096s (M3_S3_T6)

    • Learning Activity: Recording Purchase Orders and Bills (M3 S3 T7)

    • QBO Section 3

  • 24

    III Session 4: Paying Bills

    • Unpaid Bills Report (M3 S4 T1)

    • Displaying and Sorting Bills (M3 S4 T2)

    • Selecting the Bills You Want to Pay (M3 S4 T3)

    • Paying with a Credit Card or Check (M3 S4 T4)

    • Print the Bill Payment Checks (M3 S4 T5)

    • Credits for Vendors (M3 S4 T6)

    • Pay Bill from Check (M3 S4 T7)

    • Learning Activity: Pay Bills (M3 S4 T8)

    • QBO Section 4

  • 25

    III Session 5: Entering Checks

    • Writing Checks vs Entering Bills (M3 S5 T1)

    • Writing Checks vs Using Registers (M3 S5 T2)

    • Job Costing on Checks (M3 S5 T3)

    • Debit Cards and Checking Accounts (M3 S5 T4)

    • Handwritten Checks (M3 S5 T5)

    • Learning Activity: Create Checks (M3 S5 T6)

    • QBO Section 5

  • 26

    III Session 6: Checking Account Associated Transactions

    • Voiding Transactions (M3 S6 T1)

    • Deleting Transactions (M3 S6 T2)

    • Petty Cash Account (M3 S6 T3)

    • Using the Petty Cash Account (M3 S6 T4)

    • Learing Activity: Opening Balances, City Clothing (M3 S6 T5)

    • Learning Activities: Sales Receipts, City Clothing (M3 S6 T6)

    • Learning Activity: Deposit, City Clothing (M3 S6 T7)

    • Learning Activity: Checks and General Journal, City Clothing (M3 S6 T8)

    • Learning Activity: Reports, City Clothing (M3 S6 T9)

    • QBO Section 6

  • 27

    III Session 7: Reconciling the Bank Account

    • The Bank Statement (M3 S7 T1)

    • Beginning Balance (M3 S7 T2)

    • Getting the Beginning Balance Right (M3 S7 T3)

    • First Time Reconciliation (M3 S7 T4)

    • Reconciling the Bank Statement and QuickBooks (M3 S7 T5)

    • Correcting Mistakes (M3 S7 T6)

    • What if the Bank Makes a Mistake (M3 S7 T7 )

    • Letting QuickBooks FIX IT for you (M3 S7 T8)

    • Clearing Transactions in the Register (M3 S7 T9)

    • Bank Feeds (M3 S7 T10)

    • Learning Activity: Bank Feeds (M3 S7 T11)

    • Learning Activities: Chart of Accounts and BBs, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T12)

    • Learning Activity: Weekly Deposits, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T13)

    • Learning Activity: Invoice as a Journal Entry, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T14)

    • Learning Activity: Checks, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T15)

    • Learning Activity: Bill, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T16)

    • Learning Activity: After the Fact Payroll, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T17)

    • Learning Activity: General Journal, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T18 )

    • Learning Activity: Reports, Barrys Gas and Groceries (M3 S7 T19)

    • QBO Section 7

  • 28

    III Session 8: Credit Card Transactions

    • Setting up Credit Card Accounts (M3 S8 T1)

    • Entering Credit Card Purchases (M3 S8 T2)

    • Credit on Credit Cards (M3 S8 T3)

    • Reconciling the Credit Card Account (M3 S8 T4)

    • Paying the Credit Card Bill (M3 S8 T5)

    • Learning Activity: Entering Bank Feeds and Reconciliations (M3 S8 T6)

  • 29

    QuickBooks Online Module III Practice Exam

    • QuickBooks Online Module 3 Practice Exam

  • 30

    IV Session 1: Setting up Payroll

    • QBO Payroll Subscriptions (M4_S1_T1 )

    • QBO Running Payroll (M4 S1 T2)

    • QBO Payroll Settings (M4 S1 T3)

    • QBO Employee Settings (M4 S1 T4)

    • QBO Enter time for employees and vendors (M4 S1 T5)

    • QBO Printing Paychecks (M4 S1 T6)

    • QBO Printing Paystubs (M4 S1 T7)

    • QBO Learning Activity: Payroll (M4 S1 T8)

  • 31

    IV Session 2: Sales Tax

    • QBO Sales Tax (M4 S2 T1)

    • QBO Setting up Sales Tax Items (M4 S2 T2)

    • QBO Setting up Combined Sales Tax (M4 S2 T3)

    • QBO Sales Tax Categories (M4 S2 T4)

    • QBO Assigning Sales Tax Codes to Customers (M4 S2 T5)

    • QBO Let QuickBooks Calculate the Sates Tax (M4 S2 T6)

    • QBO Paying Sales Tax to the Government (M4 S2 T7)

    • QBO Learning Activity: Create Sales Tax Group (M4 S2 T8)

  • 32

    IV Session 3: Customizing & Creating Reports

    • QBO The Report Center (M4 S3 T1)

    • QBO Adding Columns (M4 S3 T2)

    • QBO Changeing the Column Width (M4 S3 T3)

    • QBO Moving Columns (M4 S3 T4)

    • QBO Headers and Footers ( M4 S3 T5)

    • QBO Sorting Filters (M4 S3 T6)

    • QBO Memorizing Reports (M4 S3 T7)

    • QBO Interface with Excel (M4 S3 T8)

  • 33

    IV Session 4: Finding Transactions & Saving Time

    • QBO Audit Log (M4 S4 T1)

    • QBO Finding Transactions (M4 S4 T2)

    • QBO Shortcut Commands (M4 S4 T3)

    • QBO Memorized Transactions (M4 S4 T4)

    • QBO Fixed Assets (M4 S4 T5)

    • QBO Depreciation (M4 S4 T6)

    • QBO Attached Documents (M4 S4 T7)

    • QBO Budgets (M4 S4 T8)

    • QBO Year-End Closing (M4 S4 T9)

  • 34

    CR Construction Learning Activity

    • Learning Activity - CR Construction Introduction

    • Enter these Job Statements as Estimates

    • Enter Receipts

    • Checks

    • General Journal

    • CR Construction Financial Statements

  • 35

    QuickBooks Online Module IV Practice Exam

    • QuickBooks Online Module 4 Practice Exam

  • 36

    QuickBooks Online Final Exam

    • QuickBooks Online Final Exam